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Superior design

The superior quality design of our condos is probably our greatest asset. The residential construction project was carried out by Les Constructions Chanduc 2002 inc. Led by promoter Jacques Leduc, the company has been involved in the construction of residential projects for over 20 years.

Among its 20 years of experience, it is more than 800 residential units and multiplex housing that have established its renown on the North Shore. To add to its notoriety, Les Constructions Chanduc 2002 inc. is a member (A rating) of the Residential Construction Guarantee (RCG).

You are therefore guaranteed to buy a condo built with a professional expertise. Every little detail is taken into consideration to offer you the best quality. A condo built by Les Constructions Chanduc 2002 inc. is an investment that lasts. An investment that is worth it.

The condos of Cité H2O present a contemporary architecture, they are energy efficient and made with durable materials, without forgetting the efficient soundproofing, large patio doors that open onto the balcony or the terrace, the modern woodwork adds to the particular character of each unit. All of this is offered with an exceptional quality-price ratio.

Construction décembre des condos cité h2o.

Numerous amenities

In addition to being built accordingly to the highest quality standards, the Cité H2O real estate project includes several essential amenities. This is an important advantage in the selection of a condo. It is often what sets a new condo apart from a used condo (or house). It’s all in the details.

The Cité H2O condos offer a wide range of options for example

  • Flooring (12 mm thick floating and ceramic)
  • Kitchen (melamine cabinets, laminate countertop)
  • Bathroom (melamine cabinets, laminate countertop, ceramic, bath, shower, washer/dryer inlet)
  • Central heating (gas and electricity) and central air conditioning (independent system for each unit)
  • Modern light fixtures
  • Hybrid crank windows, white interior and black exterior
  • Large patio door
  • Private balcony or terrace
  • Modern woodwork
  • Electrical outlet and exterior light fixture
  • Exterior gas outlet for barbecue
  • Elevator
  • Exterior parking
  • Choice of floor covering, ceramic and cabinet colors

In addition to all these amenities in your condo, you will benefit from maintenance amenities. For example, in order to keep the natural cachet of its location, a team of landscapers will take care of the landscaping throughout the site. Our mission at Cité H2O is to offer you a comfortable and peaceful lifestyle.

Urban lifestyle in the middle of nature

Cité H2O is the perfect incarnation of an urban lifestyle in the middle of nature. Located in Mirabel, its convenient access to Highway 15 brings you closer to Montreal. The North Shore of Montreal is the place to be for those who want the calm of a dynamic life. The best of both worlds.

“An urban city in the heart of nature”

Mirabel is also a city in the suburbs of Montreal that is coveted for its economic growth. Its tax rate is one of the lowest in Quebec. It is this prosperity that has led to the construction of several residential projects such as Cité H2O.

It is a welcoming city, both for first-time home buyers and for new retirees. Whether you have owned several properties before or this is your first property, Cité H2O condos are for you.

Proximity to activities and services

One of the many advantages of the Cité H2O condos is their proximity to activities and services. First of all, the residential project is located near several schools, but also several businesses. Grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores and restaurants, you will not miss anything!

Suburban lifestyle has many advantages over city lifestyle. You have everything you need close by, without the chaos and noise of the city. A peaceful home with all the amenities you need.

For the more athletic, there are several sports facilities nearby such as soccer fields and tennis courts. Outdoor enthusiasts will also be pleased with the many surrounding parks. Not to mention the direct access to the Rivière-du-Nord.

The city of Mirabel offers an urban lifestyle and the pleasure of exploring nature. A living environment in complete harmony with nature and its surroundings. This is exactly what Cité H2O is all about.

Discover the surroundings of your future condo and all there is to do!

Accès à la Rivière-du-Nord Cité H2O

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